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Conquer cancer (one person at a time, starting with you and your loved ones) via a scientifically rigorous, data-driven, elegantly simple metabolic protocol.

Let's do this!

We have a bunch of free resources below. And... We have a LOT more coming soon. If you'd like us to share the new stuff with you, let us know!

More Wisdom in Less Time

We know you’re busy. (And perhaps at least a little tired and overwhelmed.) That’s why we’ve created classes on How to Conquer Cancer and notes on great books that give you more (actionable!!) wisdom in less time.

(Coming soon: A free eBook and interviews with thought leaders. Sign up for updates!)

Conquering Cancer 101 How I’m Helping My Brother Fight Cancer + What I’d Share With You as Your Friend + Coach

Conquering Cancer 102 Rethinking Cancer: Theory + Therapy

PhilosophersNotes on Cancer

PhilosophersNotes are 6-page PDF + 20-minute MP3 summaries of some of the best books on how to Optimize our lives. We have Notes on these great books focused on cancer.

We have the Notes presented here in the order in which I read them. If you go in that sequence, you'll see how my thinking evolved and how the wisdom builds on itself. Although all these books are all great, if you only read one book, I'd recommend Nasha Winters' The Metabolic Approach to Cancer. And the journal article by leading scientist Thoms Seyfried: Cancer as a Metabolic Disease.

Optimize +1s

Prefer your wisdom in micro-doses? Fantastic. Check out our series of "Optimize +1s" on conquering cancer.

Meet Your Telomeres

Your New BFFs - Think: Aglets + Offensive Linemen

Elizabeth Blackburn won a Nobel Prize for her research on telomerase — the enzyme that nourishes our telomeres. She wrote a book called The Telomere Effect with another world-class researcher named Elissa Epel in which they tell us just how powerful our telomeres are.

Cancer-Fighting Mindset

Pulling Levers in Our Lives

In our last +1, we talked about a super powerful way to keep your telomeres nice and long. Specifically: By seeing the stressors in your life as Challenges rather than as Threats. Our key practice? Saying “Bring it on!” in response to those stressful situations.

Anticancer Levers

Pull These Four

In our last +1, we talked about just how important it is to have a sense of Empowerment when we approach life — especially if we’re dealing with something like cancer. Let’s talk a bit more about cancer and how to fight it.

Genes vs. Habits

Which Matters More for Cancer?

Continuing our Anticancer theme, let’s have a pop quiz! What percent influence would you guess our genes have on the likelihood of getting cancer vis-à-vis our lifestyle habits? Genes vs. habits. Which is more impactful? Seriously. Take a moment and think about it.

How to Win the Cancer War

Cut Off Cancer’s Supply Lines

Continuing our Anticancer theme, let’s chat about another brilliant idea from David Servan-Schreiber’s book, Anticancer.

Anticancer Nutrition

Our 80/20 Strategy = Do These Three Things

Continuing our Anticancer theme, let’s take a quick look at the key things to consider nutrition-wise, largely inspired by David Servan-Schreiber’s great book, Anticancer.

Cancer Statistics & You

Information vs. Condemnation + Target: Long tail

Stephen Jay Gould was one of the leading scientists of the 20th century. A Harvard professor and popular evolutionary biologist, he was known as the second Darwin. He was also diagnosed with a virulent form of abdominal cancer at 41 and wrote a great, four-page essay documenting his experience analyzing the statistics of his case.

Cancer’s Roots & Leaves

Modern Medicine: Strengths + Weaknesses

In Conquering Cancer 101, we talk about how powerful modern medicine is in dealing with acute illness. For example, the surgery my brother had to remove the cancerous cyst that was blocking his stomach literally saved his life. So, it’s easy for me to celebrate the astonishing knowledge and...


= Danger + Opportunity

Let’s wrap up our series on Conquering Cancer by finishing where we started. We know that one of the best ways to fight cancer (and lengthen our telomeres and enjoy our lives!) is to respond to life’s stressors with a Challenge response rather than a Threat response.

No More Ice Cubes, Please

More on Root Causes vs. Symptoms

A couple +1s ago we talked about taking a systems approach to disease vs. just a symptoms approach. We referenced Dr. Junger’s metaphor of a wise gardener tending to the roots.

Conquering Cancer: Part II

Shocking Stats + Rethinking Cancer: Theory + Therapy

Not too long ago we had a series of +1s on how to conquer cancer. Although I’m somewhat hesitant to jump back into the cancer discussion again via these +1s, I’m also BLOWN away by the stats as I continue to obsess about how to support my brother and, by extension, you and your family as yo...

Bad (Cancer) Math

$100 Billion + $100 Billion = 0

Today we’re going to talk about some bad math. Specifically, bad cancer math. Here’s the short story: Two days before Christmas in 1971, President Richard Nixon declared a War on Cancer. Since then, we have spent $100 billion on research. Today we spend over $100 billion on cancer medicatio...

Genes vs. Habits: Part II

Pop Quiz: What % of Cancer is Genetic?

Today we have another Pop Quiz. And, we actually already had this pop quiz but it’s a question we want to make sure we get right as a lot hinges on it. So… Here we go: When you think of cancer, what role, percentage-wise, would you guess genes play in terms of someone getting ...

Two Theories on the Origins of Cancer

Genes vs. Metabolism <-- What’s the REAL Cause?

So, on one hand, as per our last +1, science shows that genes play a surprisingly small role in the cause of cancer. Yet… Guess where nearly all of that $100 billion of research money has has been spent? Yep. We’ve spent $100 billion dollars on research and we spend $10...

Otto Warburg and PET Scans

And Hot Spots of Glucose Metabolism

Otto Warburg was a really smart guy. He won the Nobel Prize in 1931 for his discovery of the fact that cancer cells create energy in a weird way. (And, he was nominated for a couple other Nobel Prizes as well — which is a hard thing to achieve.) I’ll quote our UPS driver, Wes, for the short...

Genes vs. Habits Part III

Making the Connection Between Habits and Metabolism

Remember that study done with kids adopted at birth? What’d we learn? Another quick recap: We learned that whether or not the kids’ biological parents (with whom they never lived) got cancer before 50 had no eff...

Recon Cells + Cybrids

Cytoplasm vs. Nucleus: Which Drives the Cancer Show?

For Today’s +1, please dust off your high school biology class textbooks and open to the page on cells. Recall that a cell has two primary components: A nucleus (where all the genetic info is stored) and a cytoplasm (where all the energy metabolism occurs). Got it? Now, get this...

The 80/20 180°

First Steps in Moving from Theory to Therapy

Today we have an Optimize +11. (Hah.) Although this one’s longer than the normal installment, I hope you find it helpful! As we discussed in Conquering Cancer 101 and our prior +1s on cancer, one of the first thi...

Cancer’s Achilles: How to Exploit

Metabolic Inflexibility: Ketones + Glucose

In our last +1, we talked about our 80/20 180 phase in which we implemented a number of high-leverage lifestyle changes. After that stabilization and Optimizing process, we went deep into what research shows to be a REALLY powerful targeted therapy for cancer: a ketogenic diet. In fact, ...

Radical Remission

Exemplars, Long Tails and The Science of Self-Efficacy

This is our final idea in our second +1 series on Cancer. We’re going to cultivate more hope. But… First, let me step back up on the science soapbox… PLEASE NOTE: This hope we’re cultivating is NOT a false hope. It is a hope grounded in rigorous science. It is a functional hope a...

Let's do this!

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